(Trying to) Eat Healthy with a Baby

There have been a lot of things about motherhood and expanding our family that have happened or changed that I didn't expect.  I thought over this fact this morning as we ate our oatmeal together and she somehow stole the spoon and shot the whole dollop that was on it, back at my face.  I clean something (or multiple things) out of my hair each day, aside from shampoo and conditioner.  I can guarantee you it will happen after I have showered too.  That's just the way it is. 
I can't even be upset, all I can do is laugh because she is so dang cute!

I didn't realize how opposed my little one would be to me preparing actual meals, or spending any time doing something that wasn't holding her.  As much as I love babywearing, I can not stir fry hot oil and vegetables when she is right there.  
Gradually I have been able to extend the time she will chill in her high chair in the kitchen with me while I make dinner, but its been a process!  Please tell me I am not the only one who didn't get much done the first few months after she came along.  Or tell me what I'm missing.  Anyways... It has been all about being prepared for us. 
When my husband is home on the weekends, I use that opportunity to make my life easier during the week.  We boil eggs or make egg muffins (recipe here), make bran muffins, or crock pot oatmeal.  Sometimes we make a huge batch of pancakes and stick them in the freezer.  I give us some options that are super easy so we don't miss breakfast.   
Next, I have learned to choose what we are going to have during the week and prep for those.  I chop vegetables, some go in the fridge, some in the freezer.  I cook chicken breasts to have them ready to throw in wraps or eat on salads. 
Finally, I usually make one or two big batches of something and throw it in the freezer.  The best thing I did before having Mila was freezing a ton of meals for us, so I didn't have to cook for awhile after.  It was awesome!  Some quick ideas (and I will get recipes for these up soon too) are chicken enchiladas, zucchini lasagna, beef burritos, chili, stew, chicken cordon blue,  taco meat (with veggies!), BBQ pork, filling for stuffed peppers, and sweet and sour chicken. 
Chicken enchiladas making this week-I made 20, I figure its not that different from making 10!
Having those ready to go really saves the day and keeps us from eating out every night or having PB&J because I'm not getting enough time to make something.  I really hope it gets easier as she gets older and can spend some time on her own, but you always have to adapt.  In order to eat healthy with the baby I had to change what I was doing. 
It didn't come automatically, we were eating out more than I care to admit.  Even the healthiest thing out, isn't as healthy as if you made it yourself.  I'm glad to say we are on the right track again though!
Tell me how you did it!  What helped you keeping homemade meals with a newborn/infant?  Do you do prep?  What are your favorites?

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