10 Interesting Sleep Facts

Today I gave a couple health and wellness seminars for Cigna, and the first was on sleep.  I have been studying and preparing all week, and there are some fascinating facts I shared with the group today that I wanted to quickly share with you!

Here is my little sleeping away

  • 74% of adults report having trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more (That is a LOT!)
  • 39% get less than 7 hours each week night - and the average adult NEEDS 7-9 hours to function well
  • 25% of children who sleep less than 10 hours per night become overweight by age 6.  Sleep is so important for kids too!
  • Studies show that people who get less than 5 hours of sleep each night are much more prone to weight gain.  
  • Researchers have found that people age 32-59 were twice as likely to develop hypertension if they slept for 5 hours or less each night.
  • While sleeping your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature decrease.  Your digestion also slows way down.
  • A 2009 study in  the Archives or Internal Medicine found that people who slept an average of less than 7 hours per night were 3 times as likely to get sick as those who averaged at least 8 hours.
  • Fall asleep should take between 5-15 minutes.  If its less than 5 minutes, you are exhausted, and if it is longer, you may need to find a way to destress or relax better before bed.  If it takes an hour or longer, that may indicate a sleep disorder or something else going on.  
  • There are sleep cycles we go through every night, between 5-7 times.  Each cycle has 5 stages which are important to complete, with REM sleep being the final stage.  Each cycle on average takes 90 min.
  • 25% of your time sleeping is in the REM stage - where dreaming occurs.
Check back next week for tips on getting enough sleep!

xoxo jenna

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