AquaTally - The Perfect Tool to Keep Track of Hydration

I have always been really good at drinking my water each day.  I'm lucky and love water, and I know how much better I feel when I get it in each day.  While pregnant, I made sure I was getting what I needed and had renewed reason to focus on getting it in.  I have been breastfeeding my daughter, and need plenty of water to keep up my supply. 

I was doing really well, but as my days got busier, I noticed I had days where I was drinking a pitiful amount.  Or, I was getting to the end of the day and couldn't quite remember how many times I had filled up my water bottle.  The day flies by sometimes and if I didn't have my cup or water bottle by me all day, I wouldn't get what I needed!

I have recently been able to experiment with a great tool to help you remember to stay hydrated each day.  Its called AquaTally, and these cups are so simple and so perfect.  They have a band around the middle that you twist as you drink each cup of water.  The cup holds plenty, at 16 oz of fluids, so you aren't refilling it constantly.  It is great for hot or cold fluids, and top shelf dishwasher safe!
My favorite part is that it has a lid and straw.  No spilling, and travels with you easily.  It's perfect to keep with you all day long.  It shows you exactly how much you have drank so far, and how much you still need to get in. 
Check out these cups at the AquaTally Website here.  (
AquaTally has given me a code for 25% off for anyone who wants to try one of these.  Just enter "Jenna" at checkout to get your discount.  I love mine, and hope it helps you too!  Staying hydrated is so important - do everything you can to make sure you get in the water you need each day!
One of the most common goals I set with my clients is to increase the amount of water they are drinking.  I am passionate about my clients and myself getting in our fluids every day!  It is so important.  Water helps every part of your body.  It helps your metabolism, it boosts your mental clarity, enhances your skin, and so much more.   Stay tuned for future posts on staying hydrated and how important it is! 
If you have questions, feel free to comment below and I would love to answer! 

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