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Hello Hello!  Can you believe its mid September already and in just a few short days we will hit fall?  I think I have mentioned this before, but fall has always been a favorite of mine.  Since moving to Arizona a couple years ago, I have felt a little sad missing some of my favorite parts of fall, since we don't really get a season change for a couple more months.  I miss cute boots, jeans, sweaters, scarves, changing leaves, apple picking, etc.  I really have to rely on changing up my cooking and incorporating the flavors and ingredients that scream fall to me.  I can't wait to share those recipes and ideas with you in the coming weeks!

Today, I have a product i'm excited to share with you.  I am not being compensated for sharing my thoughts on these, but I was sent some of their bars to try after I requested them!  Anyone that has met with me in private nutrition counseling or sat in one of my seminars can tell you I talk about controlling blood sugar through the day, a lot.  It is just so important.  When you maintain a steady blood sugar you feel so much better.  Just to name a few benefits, increased energy, the ability to deal with stress better and maintain a better mood, avoiding the afternoon sleepiness, and it contributes to weight loss or maintenance. 

The struggle, is when the craving for something sweet hits.  It is hard to satisfy a sweet craving with a piece of string cheese.  I do it, and I work with my patients to do it, but I am also constantly on the look out for other options.  They exist, but the more options you have, the better.  So when I heard about Extend Nutrition recently I was pretty excited.  Check them out here.  Their website has a lot of great information on their products, as well as tips and recipes, the science behind why and how they created their products and you can of course purchase their products on their site or find a retailer that sells them near you (walgreens, kroger, cvs to name a few).

the four flavors I tried

I sampled four different flavors of their bars, Cookies and Cream (my favorite), Chocolate and Caramel, Mixed Berry, and Yogurt and Berry (which is brand new and a close second favorite!).  The nutrition profiles on these is amazing.  Here are some highlights:

          -9-12 grams of Protein
          -130-150 calories
          -0 grams net carbs on Chocolate and Caramel and Cookies and Cream
          -1 net carb on Mixed Berry and 2 net carbs on Yogurt and Berry
          -4-5 grams Fiber
          -60% of your daily needs for Calcium in the Yogurt and Berry variety
          -Gluten Free

I am always on the look out for around 8-10 grams of protein, 4-5 grams of fiber, less than 5 grams of sugar and around 150 calories, for a bar to use as a snack or before a work out, and it is really hard to find.  The protein is never enough, and the sugar is always to high.  Actually finding that means you have found a snack that will fill you up, satisfy cravings, and help control blood sugar!  These are the perfect bar (stash one in your desk drawer, car, purse, nightstand, and gym bag - you can't do that with many other protein sources).  Seriously, you have to try these.  These taste better than most I have tried, and are absolutely the best out of any zero sugar and 0-2 net carb options.  

Like I mentioned above, the Cookies and Cream was my favorite, it was soft and had a great texture.  It didn't seem overly sweet and I didn't get a "fake sugar" taste from it that I have had in other products that are low sugar or sugar free.  Yogurt and Berry was my second favorite, and the fact that it has 60% of my daily calcium needs, along with 35% daily needs for Iron, make it an option I would choose just as often as the Cookies and Cream.  I enjoyed the Mixed Berry and the Chocolate and Caramel too.  My toddler got her hands on a slightly melty (is that a word?  You know, when its 105 in Arizona and you leave anything in the car for more than 2 min!) Chocolate and Caramel one, and was in heaven (and completely covered in chocolate by the time she was done).   I'm so happy to have these as an option for myself, as well as my clients.

I found these carried me through my afternoon easily.  I went hiking this weekend and had one before I went, and didn't crave anything for the two hours we were out.  I also tried one before taking a Strictly Strength workout class, and another before a kick boxing class, and I had plenty of energy to get through my classes.  I think my go to with these is to eat one before working out.  I struggle to find a balance between having the energy for my workout, and feeling overly full, especially when it comes to cardio.  These are a great size for that.  

Extend Nutrition offers other products as well, which I haven't tried yet, but I am looking forward to trying everything they make!  They have a code to save 10% for new customers, and they offer free shipping on orders over 42$ which is always a plus. 

Have you tried any Extend Nutrition products yet?  What was your favorite?  What do you want to try first??  Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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