Find Your Center

Happy Friday!  Find the center.  Balance is certainly key.  I am getting close to feeling balanced, so obviously that means life is about to throw something new at me.  I'm deciding the key is learning to deal with the change and not let it get to you.  Obviously, that is so much easier said then done.  But isn't recognizing it the first step?  :)  Ok, so check.  First step done.  

Yesterday I went to my parenting class (seriously, if you have the option of attending any sort of parenting classes or support groups, do it!) and they talked about Needs Assessment.  I do that for my clients, but do we do it for ourselves?  Divide a sheet of paper into 4 quadrants.  Label one section Mental, one Physical, one Emotional, and the last Spiritual.  

What do you need to be happy?  List ideas or things you need in each quadrant.  Then conquer!  Find ways to make sure you are getting those important things in your life.  It will be so different for each person, and your own will change as you grow and life throws new curve balls at you.  Keep that paper somewhere you can see it daily.  

Ok, do it now.  You will be happy you did.  I promise it will help you find your "center" and feel more balance and focus.

Tell me, what would be the first thing you would tackle on your list?  Mine is starting a gratitude journal and focusing on what I am grateful for.  I listed that under spiritual.  I'm on my way :)  Have a great day and weekend!

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