Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Yay for another successful week.  Or at least surviving another one.  Some weeks are better than others.  Can you believe its March?  In Arizona, I think its my favorite month.  It is where we get some cool nights, but our days are beautiful.  If you have ever wanted to visit, we have Spring Training games for Baseball, and its beautiful, now is the time!

Today I have been thinking a little about the mentality of dieting.  We like to have a good starting point.  Does it make us more successful?  If we start on Monday compared to Friday?  If we start on the first of the month, instead of the 22nd?  Some may say yes, but I don't agree.  I find myself in that mentality sometimes.  Specifically this week.  I found myself thinking, "Lets do better in March!  It starts Wednesday, lets start then."  Why?  Why not right now?

I think the mentality is most prevalent when we are thinking about a diet, instead of healthy living.  Drastically changing our habits from what we are doing, to what we "should" be doing.  While that may be ok for a week or a month, or for sometimes just a quick (temporary) change, its not life long, and lets be honest, it is exhausting.

When you find yourself thinking that next, stop, take a step back, and think, "actually, what can I do RIGHT NOW?"  Here are a few ideas:

  • Eat a vegetable or two or three.  Make that your snack, or add extra to dinner.
  • Skip the sugar.  Stock up on something that helps with your sugar cravings.  Instead of the skittles for your snack, have some strawberries.  Have a greek yogurt.  Be creative with your very next meal or snack.
  • Go to bed earlier.  Sleep makes everything easier.  If you have trouble sleeping, look up something you can do differently tonight.  I have a noise maker, a fan, and an electronics ban, and I'm careful with what I eat before bed.  All combined, I fall asleep better and stay asleep better.  Those may not work for you, but something will.  Lavender? Warm tea?  Hot bath?  Darker room?  Meditation?
  • Drink more water.  Right now.  Go fill up your water bottle and drink it.  Shoot for 8 oz more than you did yesterday, increasing weekly, until you are comfortably drinking 80-100oz a day.
  • Protein!  Are you getting enough?  Often enough?  Most of the time, the answer is no.  Bring a string cheese or almonds with you tomorrow.  Make sure you aren't just getting protein at dinner time.  Boiled eggs, or egg muffins are easy for breakfast.  Greek yogurt, string cheese, almonds, or turkey jerky are easy snacks!  
Get out of the procrastinating mind set of tomorrow, monday, next month.  Grab your health by the horns and jump in right now.  You can always change something right now.  

I am testing the waters with digital health coaching, and online coaching, which lowers your cost, makes me more accessible, and gives you more options.  If you are interested in learning more, send me a message at jennasteprd@gmail.com.  Thanks, and have a fabulous weekend!

Super M is on your side and as she says "on your team!" You got this!

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