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Initial Evaluation - 60-75 minutes   $120

In your first visit, we will review your unique nutrition history.  Using your history, I will develop a plan specific to you and your individual needs.  We will discuss in depth how to be successful and you will receive materials designed to help you succeed.  You will receive sample menus that have variety and will make success easier than ever.

Follow Up - 45 minutes   $75 

These appointments are 30-45 minutes.  We review your progress, address concerns, questions or stumbling blocks, and come up with solutions!  Motivation to continue on in your work towards changing your habits.  

Healthy Weight Program - Times and prices vary, call for details

Our Healthy Weight Program has all the aspects you need to succeed in reaching your nutrition goals.  Choose between 3, 6, 9, or 12 month options.  This all-inclusive program includes a comprehensive initial evaluation, a set number of follow-up visits, continued Bod Pod testing, all nutrition materials, 7 day sample menu including recipes and a shopping list (more included with longer plans), and a tailored physical activity plan.  You also have a dietitian at your fingertips, in our healthy weight program, seeing you be successful is our number one priority.  We understand that questions will come up often, and we don’t want you to wait to have them answered!  Email  anytime for support, motivation, and answers.  Finally, enjoy access to our My Calorie Match online program, our Healthy Weight Program newsletter and receive a discount on our healthy living classes and seminars.  We can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

Group Nutrition Classes - 6 weeks   $150

Interested in working with a dietitian, but prefer a group setting?  Join our small group classes to learn what you need to know to achieve your healthy weight goals.  Classes meet once a week and run for six week intervals.  Now is the time to jump in and be prepared for whatever comes your way!  Our program works with you to:

·         Lose weight for good
·         Learn Healthy Habits
·         Make lifestyle changes to prevent regain

Included in the Program:

·         Personalized Meal Plan
·         Daily Nutrition Emails
·         Dietitian at your fingertips
·         Goal Setting
·         Real life ideas, foods, and recipes
·         Supportive, friendly setting

Our program is unique because you will receive an individualized plan usually only found in private settings, along with the motivation and encouragement offered in a group.  Receive discounts when you refer a friend, and work together to achieve your goals. 

Classes start soon, and times will be set up based around participant’s availability!  

Also Available:

Kitchen Make-overs, grocery shopping tours, and cooking classes available!  Let me know if you are interested in these offerings and we will plan around your busy schedule.


Contact me for more information, references, and my resume regarding:

  • Wellness Seminars
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Writing Contributions
Let me help with your next wellness fair, corporate retreat, or lunch and learn!  Let's work together to lower your costs and help your employees become healthier.

Contact Me:

Jenna Stephens, MDA, RD

Cell: 801-390-6070

Email: jennasteprd@gmail.com

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